362 Days From Now

This is a visual representation of this past Christmas. 2017



And this is will be next Christmas. 2018.


Mark my fucking words.
Follow me for the next year if you don’t believe it.
This was the last self imposed “sad” Christmas I ever have.


I will not spend another second inside a cage of my own design.
Won’t spend another fucking minute allowing myself to feel beaten down and rejected.
Will not grovel. Will not beg. Will not cower in the face of the unknown.

I won’t hold back. Won’t stop.  Won’t do without. Ever.
I have to much to offer. Too much to share.
Too much love to give.

I want something desperately and will do anything to achieve it.
-Except crawl on the ground like a wounded animal.

I deserve better. I am better.
I have value.


My thoughts, my wants, my needs, my desires MATTER.

What I do, what I think, what I say, how I feel…MATTERS.

This is not some bullshit “resolution”.
I promise you…promise anyone out there reading this…I FUCKING PROMISE YOU what the picture represents WILL be my reality next year.
Nothing is going to stop me.
I dare you to bet against me.

I fucking dare you.

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