Wednesday Morning Weigh In

Well, back at it…

Had to take a little break after Thanksgiving to regroup physically and mentally.
They always say the “first” of anything….first birthday, first anniversary, first Christmas, etc, is always the hardest. Well, I can certainly attest to that.

Thanksgiving was, to put it mildly, a fucking nightmare.
It’s like trauma on top of trauma topped with a nice demi trauma drizzle served hot on a sizzling skillet of trauma.

Anyway, so here are again with my FAT ASS WEDNESDAY WEIGH IN….and I’ll bet you’re all pleased as egg nog punch to have to stare at my white flubby nudity once again.

Go on..look at it…stare at it…bask in its glory…gaze into the jiggly bag of nonsense that is my torso.

So white and a pillow filled with vanilla pudding.

Not to mention I have 4 horizontal red marks on my left side ( see pic…if you dare! ) that form some kind of horrible pimple constellation. The only problem is…I mean beside that it’s disgusting…is that they aren’t pimples. I don’t know what they are. Bite marks? Maybe I’m getting bitten by something in the middle of the night? Something that feeds on sadness and gravy?…who knows.

Anyway, not a whole lot of exercise this past week.
No hikes and limited yoga. But I did spend over an hour at the gym last night and I’m back on my no carb/no sugar schedule.

This morning’s weight, 202.1.

My goal is to be 197 by next Wednesday.
5 pounds down.
Let’s see what happens.



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