Wednesday Morning Weigh In

In other words…Yes, I’d like the Fat Ass Wednesday…extra large… with a side of disappointment. And a diet Coke please.

Ok week two.

So I spent the week going low carb and lowering my calorie intake as much as possible.
Obviously need to be a but more diligent about that. But hey, baby steps.

Also went to Hot Yoga on Saturday and Sunday as well as hiked a total of 11 miles over the weekend.

Went to the gym yesterday, but left the earbuds to my ipod at home..and you know what Nancy Regan used to say, “Working out without music is worse than two rats fucking in a wool sock”.
….ahh, good old Nancy….miss that broad.

Anyway, here we go.
As you can see, I do not disappoint….still a fat ass.
Yay me!

200.1 pounds



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