Wednesday Morning Weigh In

Or as I like to call it, Fat Ass Wednesdays.

Wednesday November 8th  6:22 am

Part of this “journey” to is getting back into shape.
Any shape that doesn’t resemble a watermelon stuffed with Cheetos…which actually sounds delicious.
I’m not looking to become a world class body building quantum physicist…if there even is such a thing. I just want to look good naked.
Or if not good, at least not terrifying.

Yea…there it is…that’s my goal….to not terrify people with my naked body.
The bar has officially been set.

Anyway, so during the week I will exercise and try to eat as little cake and Fruity Pebbles as possible and every Wednesday, I’ll document my progress.
This isn’t a food blog, so I won’t detail what I’m doing or eating – not yet anyway – baby steps. For now, I’ll just show the results.
And yea, I am WIDE OPEN to suggestions and helpful hints on how to be less of a lazy fat ass.

Anyway, here we go.
The very first Fat Ass Wednesday Weigh In.


203.8 pounds

weighin01#nofilter #hulkpenis #stopmysaggyass

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